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Ear wax Removal

Ear wax plays a very important part in protecting and preventing infections in your ears; it contains antibacterial agents and has a cleaning mechanism, as well as lubricating the skin in your ears.

However, an excess amount of wax in your ears can lead to temporary hearing loss, pain or tinnitus. Cotton buds or similar items often used to relieve irritation can actually push the wax further down into the ear. Hearing aids are also a common cause of impacted ear wax.

At Afti Ear Room our expert clinicians are on hand with the highest quality clinical care to help keep your ears crystal clear using the safest and most efficient method of ear wax removal.

The clinicians at Afti Ear Room are trained to try to remove any excess ear wax safely using the method or methods that are best suited to your needs. Your clinician will explain everything in detail before using any removal method.

During your appointment our audiologist will also perform a free quick video otoscopy to view your ear canals.

HOME VISITS: GP appointments for wax removal can be stressful, we at Afti Ear Room are here to take away the stress. To make things easy and efficient for you, we are providing this service by travelling to you in the comfort of your home.

CARE/RESIDENTIAL HOMES:  It can be very difficult watching a loved one struggle with their hearing due to ear wax build-up and they are bed-bound or struggle to attend hospital appointments. Communication is very important to encouraging a good quality of life, and we aim to make things easier and smooth by providing ear wax removal at their bedside.

Wax removal from both ears £80

Wax removal from one ear £50

*If no wax is removed, there is a £30 consultation fee.
*Please note: an ear wax removal home visit is subject to a flat fee of £100.
*Travel outside London postcode will incur extra charges.

Call us on: 07928633543
Book an appointment at: info@aftiearroom.com